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Eureka Water Probes

eureka water probes HydroTerra

Water Quality Monitoring Sondes

Eureka Environmental was formed in 2002 by industry veterans who believed there was considerable room in the multi-probe market for improvements in technology and customer service. Eureka’s first multi-probe, the Manta1, was introduced in 2004.  The Manta1 featured a number of industry firsts, including USB power for PC operations, a simple on-off switch for logging, an unbreakable cable connector, and a PDA-based field display that used the same user software as did the PC.

Eureka Probes continues to provide innovative, reliable multi-probes backed by market-leading customer service. 

Key Reasons to choose Eureka Multi-probes:

  • Easy to use and calibrate
  • Can have up to 12 sensors in one instrument
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Bluetooth options for use in field 

manta2 multiprobes