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3500 AquaVent

Solinst Canada

The NEW Solinst AquaVent records accurate water level and temperature measurements in shallow groundwater and surface water applications. It combines pressure and temperature sensors, hydrophobic filters and datalogger within a 22 mm x 178 mm stainless steel housing.

The AquaVent uses a gauged pressure transducer; it is open to the atmosphere via a vented cable to surface. Atmospheric pressure is applied to the transducer diaphragm, providing a cancellation effect for barometric pressure. This results in actual  water level recordings. The vented cable and Solinst AquaVent logger are protected from moisture by built-in desiccants and hydrophobic filters.

Solinst Levelogger App — Free to download from the App Store and on Google Play

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• Gauged pressure sensor for highly-accurate

water level measurements: 0.05% FS

• Multiple built-in hydrophobic filters and desiccants

     - no need to replace, reduces maintenance

• Easy-to-access, user-replaceable batteries in Wellhead

• Options for MODBUS (RS-232/RS-485) and SDI-12

• Separate cables for each communication protocol

• Use with Solinst software for multiple logging options including linear, event, and scheduled sampling