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101 Water Level Meter

Solinst Canada

Measures groundwater depth in wells, boreholes and standpipes. The 101 Water Level Meter consists of a choice of a P2 or P7 probe design attached to a polyethylene tape at one end, and at the other end a reel containing the electronic components of the instrument. Two stainless steel conducting cables run down the length of the tape from the reel to the probe. When the probe comes in contact with water, the circuit is completed which in turn activates a buzzer and light on the reel. The tape has clear markings every millimetre and is labelled every centimetre and metre. 

The 101 Water Level Meter's can also come with power reels, which allow for faster and less strenuous operation. The power reels are particularly ideal for depths greater than 150m and are available with 110V or 12VDC motors.

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