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CR200X Datalogger

Campbell Scientific

The CR200X is a small, low-cost datalogger, providing stand-alone operation in harsh, remote environments. It reads input from one or two sensors, then transmits the data using communication peripherals. CRBasic, its full programming language, supports simple or complex programming. Multiple CR200Xs can be configured as a network, integrated system, or units can be deployed individually.

Manuals, Operating Guides & Instructions
Benefits and Features
  • Ideal applications include wind energy, rural water, water level/flow, aquaculture, water quality

  • Campbell Scientific’s smallest, lowest cost data logger

  • Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) protected inputs

  • Optimal for measuring one or two simple sensors

  • Makes SDI-12, single-ended analog, pulse, switch closure, and bridge measurements

  • Battery-backed clock that ensures accurate time is maintained while datalogger is disconnected from battery power

  • Program with LoggerNet, PC400, or Short Cut to fit your setup

  • PakBus, Modbus, and SDI-12 protocols supported