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Environmental Monitoring Equipment: Introduction

This introductory program is providing participants with the opportunity to truly learn-by-doing. Each of seven sessions covers a category of key environmental monitoring equipment used in site assessment, and provides the opportunity to practice on the equipment itself, utilising HydroTerra’s vast equipment rental pool. Courses are extremely flexible and can be run in your office or in the field.

Session 1

Gas Monitoring (portable)

Inspectra Laser


Tiger PID

MiniRAE 3000


Session 2

Gas Monitoring (continuous)



Session 3

Groundwater Sampling

Peristaltic, bladder and double-valve pumps

Low-flow sampling

Intertia pumping systems

Session 4

Water Quality Monitoring

Handheld multiparameter water quality monitoring 

Long-term WQM sondes and systems

Session 5

Water Level Measurement

Level Loggers

Water Level Meters


Interface meters

Cabling and data access options

Session 6

Borehole Condition Inspection Equipment

Downhole cameras

Session 7

Soil Auger Equipment

Soil samplers

Sediment samplers

Session 8

DataStream Telemetry

Telemetry systems for remote data visualisation and storage