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Canberra Metro

HydroTerra was engaged by the Canberra Metro Light Rail development management team to provide noise and vibration monitoring as part of their environmental compliance program, critical due to the proximity of the project to residential and commercial property. HydroTerra developed a continuous monitoring solution to ensure real-time provision of environmental data so any issues could be rectified immediately, as well as providing data to inform compliance reporting. 

As part of this deployment four ETM Vibration Systems and two Rion NL – 42EX Sound Level Meters were installed. Combined with onsite training delivered by HydroTerra, this system now provides industry-leading best-practice environmental monitoring on this project such that it now well exceeds minimum compliance requirements.

Canberra Metrov2

The vibration and noise monitoring system is robust, portable and provides continuous monitoring. Threshold values can be programmed in to allow instant alarming when maximum values are exceeded.

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