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Shepparton Landfill

HydroTerra were engaged by SMEC to undertake a range of manual and automated monitoring activities at a landfill within the Greater Shepparton City Council.

This includes monitoring of:

  • Groundwater 
  • Leachate 
  • Landfill Gas (bores) 
  • Landfill Gas (SEM) 
  • Landfill Gas (buildings, structures, and service pits) 
  • Surface water
  • Dust
  • Noise

Landfill Gas Monitoring

Surface gas monitoring using Inspectra Laser to detect low level methane. Hydroterra also provides long-term monitoring solutions using both Cox-Colvin Vapour Pins and continuously monitoring Ambisense units.


Dust Monitoring2

Monthly sampling of dust gauges provides data for efficient compliance reporting and timely feedback for operaitonal optimisaiton. HydroTerrra also offers automated dust sampling solutions.


Gas Bore Monitoring with HT Branding2

Perimeter gas bore monitoring conducted using a precision multiparameter gas analyser Geotech GA5000.