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Point Lonsdale Water Quality Monitoring

WSP Environmental Pty Ltd engaged HydroTerra to undertake water sampling at Lonsdale Lakes, Point Londsdale, Victoria. This project included manual and telemetered, continuous sampling of water quality and flow. The installation included:

  • Eureka Manta water quality probe
  • Sontek IQ Plus Acoustic Doppler flow sensor
  • UniData Telemetry
  • Mace FloPro Ultrasonic Doppler flow meter
  • Algae Tow Net

A custom weather station was developed, fit-for-purpose, to provide climatic data.

All equipment was regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure robust, compliant measurement throughout the program.


Boat Sampling Field Telemetry

Flow meter1 Water Telemetry Unit 

Water Telemetry Unit2