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StormSafe Monitoring System

Providing a safe working environment for personnel in underground services.

Working in underground services, including storm water and sewage is a risk-laden environment with a range of hazards that need to be addressed. Most attention is given to the gaseous environment and minimisation of slip-injuries; however, flash flooding is an ever-present danger that requires careful risk-mitigation planning. This is becoming increasingly important with the growth in urbanisation leading to an expansion of the effective catchment size of existing storm-water infrastructure because less rainfall is lost through infiltration and more presents as run-off. Therefore, water levels in below ground storm-water and sewage services can rise rapidly despite the increasing deployment of flow retardation measures such as swales.

Guidelines covering provision of maintenance and construction services in underground services stipulate that sustainable storm-water management plans must actively “minimise the risk of injury to the public and maintenance personnel resulting from the operation and maintenance of stormwater systems.” Therefore, measures must be taken to maximize the opportunity for organisations to ensure work can be carried out as safely as possible but also productivity is not reduced unnecessarily. 

StormSafe Install

The above ground modules of the StormSafe Monitoring System installed in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

HydroTerra has been working with the infrastructure and construction industries for many years, providing solutions for environmental and OH&S monitoring. The culmination of this experience is a range of cutting-edge technology deployments aimed at providing business with timely, accurate and powerful decision-making tools. These include the StormSafe Monitoring System, which provides real-time monitoring of water levels in underground or above-ground water conduits, as well as warning alarms – both locally on-site as well as SMS and email alarms for off-site monitoring. Using HydroTerra’s DataStream cloud data analysis and visualization platform, managers get rapid access to flow dynamics, providing high resolution data for planning of on-ground operations. Being safe is important, but so is an efficient workplace, therefore StormSafe has been designed to have the smallest possible on-site footprint.

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