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Groundwater level and water quality monitoring instrumentation

Since introducing our P7000 pressure sensor in 1985, we have continually developed new capabilities for submersible sensors. Current INW sensors measure temperature, conductivity, pH, redox as well as pressure.

We believe that our world can be better protected with quality information. That’s why we take it as our mission to create and provide high quality tools for monitoring our water resources. With precise data transmitted in real-time, you can make smarter decisions for our world.

A responsible company owes its customers a great product. At INW, we know that when you’re monitoring water, you need as much certainty as you can get. You deserve only the best: flawless equipment, on-time delivery, and efficient maintenance.

Key Products:

--> PT12 (Pressure & Temperature Sensor)

--> CT2X (Conductivity & Temperature Sensor)

--> TempHion (Data logging sensor - pH, specific ions, redox, & temperature)