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Q: What is a Barologger and what do I need it for?

A: Leveloggers measure total or absolute pressure. When submerged, they record a combination of atmospheric pressure and water pressure above their sensor. Because the intent of using Leveloggers is to obtain fluctuations in water pressure only, their data must be compensated for atmospheric effects.

In order to achieve this, atmospheric (barometric) pressure must be subtracted from the Levelogger readings. The easiest way to barometrically compensate your Levelogger data is to use a Barologger that simultaneously records this barometric data.

Levelogger, Barologger

Q: What is Low Flow Sampling?

A: The low flow groundwater sampling method employs specifically designed sample pumps. The principle behind this method is to extract formation water through the bore screen (or slotted interval) at approximately the same rate it flows out of the formation, without disturbing the stagnant water column above. This is achieved by pumping at a rate which results in minimal drawdown of the water level within the bore. The method also has the added advantage of minimising the entrainment of sediment within the water that is to be sampled. Further, the time required for sampling is much less than traditional bore purging methods that require a minimum of three casing volumes to be pumped, before a representative sample can be obtained. Typical flow rates for low flow sampling are in the order of 1 to 2L/min.

12V Stainless Steel Pumps, Peristaltic Pumps, 12V Plastic Pumps, double valve pump, bladder pump

Q: I need equipment at a site by a specified date. Can you guarantee delivery?

A: Hydroterra uses third party freight companies to deliver orders and we typically provide a tracking number so that the delivery status can be checked online.  We advise expected delivery dates based on the ETAs provided by the transporter. Goods are normally delivered by these dates but Hydroterra cannot guarantee a day or time of delivery once we’ve passed goods to a freight company.