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Zepiro Scorpio

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Zepiro Scorpio

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The Zepiro® D2O® (Direct-To-Orbit) SDI is a satellite telemetry solution for
devices that can interface via the SDI-12 protocol.

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The Zepiro® D2O® (Direct-To-Orbit) SDI is a satellite telemetry solution for devices that can interface via the SDI-12 protocol. It is ideally suited to use in remote or difficult to access areas and can transmit from virtually any surface location globally.

It is a low-powered device designed for endurance, maintenance-free monitoring applications with the included battery capable of providing power for up to four years (settings dependent).

Once setup, the D2O SDI efficiently packages the data messages of SDI-12 readings from the connected device, and sends them via a low-earth orbit satellite network back to a terrestrial ground station. From there Zepiro’s servers securely recompile the data packets to readable formats and forwards the data to the end user for analysis.

Key features:

-Integrated satellite transceiver
-Integrated GPS receiver
-Low power micro processor for data acquisition
-Powered SDI-12 supporting multiple channels
-Internal non-rechargeable battery pack (serviceable)
-Single protected M12 8-Pin Interface connector to device
-Separate USB interface to allow for “as installed” commissioning and
validation via D2O Setup Utility software
-Self-contained in rugged housing to suit harsh environments (Pending
IP67 testing)

Additional information

Max No. of SDI-12 Devices


Datapoints/SDI-12 Device

13 (Value Precision Dependent)


Integrated Systems

Available for Rent






Zepiro offers low cost, satellite telemetry solutions for a range of industry standard devices, sensors and probes used in monitoring applications. With a focus on maintenance-free, endurance applications in remote or difficult to access areas, Zepiro’s products can transmit crucial telemetry data from virtually any surface location globally. Made in the Brisbane Technology Park, Zepiro products currently serve industries including Water Management, Scientific Research, Meteorological & Environmental Services, Precision Agriculture, Livestock Management, Remote Asset Monitoring and Mining.

Zepiro is a division of the Mass electronics group. An Australian owned and operated, private company conducting Research and Development, Manufacturing and Global sales from our purpose designed facility and head office in Brisbane for over 35 years. Mass Electronics Group has built a reputation of being a solution provider by designing and manufacturing products and solutions for its own sales divisions and several contract customers. We provide a range of building automation and environmental control solutions under our Innotech brand while our Zepiro aims to empower the community with innovative cellular and satellite-based data acquisition and telemetry solutions.

Research and Development capabilities

Mass Electronics Groups’ R&D division offers state of the art research and development facilities, employing engineers across multiple disciplines including hardware, firmware, software, web, and mechanical experts. Our experienced R&D team has successfully delivered
multiple award-winning products for its customers over the years. With time being of-the-essence in this modern electronics world, our inhouse pre compliance test facilities allow us to iterate through many design ideas & technologies quickly to deliver the best solution in the shortest time. Our R&D division has been key in the design & development of our Zepiro range, allowing us to bring together emerging satellite technologies and environmental sensing requirements to create cutting edge and innovative solutions.

Manufacturing capabilities

Based in Brisbane, Australia, we are an experienced and accomplished manufacturer specialising in producing high quality products for a diverse range of industries and markets. Our inhouse manufacturing capabilities include Electronics Assembly, Plastic Injection Moulding, Rapid Prototyping, Toolmaking and Product Assembly. To maintain the highest level of quality and to provide the best possible user experience, all our products are subject to stringent testing and calibrating using our custom-made test fixtures.

Zepiro products are proudly Australian owned, designed & manufactured. Our products and services are supported by a team of highly motivated and experienced team of account managers, engineers, technicians, and assembly personnel sharing our groups mission, that is to simply “exceed expectations”.