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Products: Ground Gas/Soil Vapour

Ground gas or soil vapour is the gas that resides in the subsurface either within the soil matrix or in preferential flow paths such as rock fractures and man made structures. Ground gas is composed of many volatile compounds both natural and contaminants.

There is a strong focus in sectors such as coal seam gas, landfill and contaminated site management on the monitoring of these gases which can pose a significant threat to human health and the environment.

HydroTerra has established itself as a leader in the advice, provision of monitoring technologies, installation and data collection services for soil gas monitoring. Monitoring approaches can be classified as passive, active and continuous. Components include the infrastructure to install the samplers and sensors in and the sampling and sensing devices themselves.

Monitoring infrastructure provided and installed by Hydroterra if requested includes:  Vapour Pins, Solinst drive point piezometers and Multi Channel Tubing (CMT) and flux hoods. Sampling devices include Beacon absorbent samplers, Draeger tubes and Summa canisters.

Hand held monitoring sensors form an important component of soil vapour monitoring. Hand held measurement devices available from HydroTerra include Photoionisation detectors (PIDs), Flame Ionisation Detectors (FIDs), Helium detectors, Low Explosive Limit (LEL) detectors and Landfill gas detectors. We work with our key technology partners such as Ambisense, Ion Science, Beacon, Draeger, Solinst and others to provide this equipment.

HydroTerra Field Data Collection Officer Gas Sampling

Continuous monitoring of soil vapour is a growing area as industry practitioners become aware of the dynamic nature of the gas and the need to monitor at a higher frequency to detect gas breaches and optimise gas production networks. HydroTerra offers continuous soil vapour monitors for VOCs and landfill gas including Gasclams and Ambisense continuous landfill gas detectors. These are available for rent or sale and can be telemetered.  For long term deployments the Ambisense units are recommended. HydroTerra offers field support for all our instruments. These real time sensors can be connected to Hydroterra’s DataStream platform.

Through our broader group of measurement specialists, we offer a comprehensive internet based data hosting and reporting system, with online reporting, email summaries and SMS alerting through common data infrastructure.

HydroTerra also provides easy to understand data reviews and reports for existing and new sensor deployments.