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Vapour Pins

Vapor Pin

Vapour Pins are a unique, patented, re-usable sub-slab soil-gas sampling device. Traditional sub-slab soil-gas sampling methods are time consuming, expensive, and prone to leaks. Cox-Colvin designed the Vapor Pin specifically to eliminate many of the problems associated with traditional sub-slab soil gas sampling methods.

The patented design of the Vapor Pin provides environmental professionals a means of collecting high-quality, low-cost soil gas samples within minutes. 

            - Brass or Stainless Steel Available -

We also offer Vapour Pin kits, which include;

Standard Kit:

10 Vapor Pins (Brass or Stainless Steel);
20 Vapor Pin Sleeves;
20 Vapor Pin Caps;
10 Secure Flush Mount Covers (plastic);
1 Installation/Extraction Tool;
1 Bottle Brush;
1 Water Dam for leak testing;
1 Vapor Pin SOP; and
1 Hard-sided carrying Case

Contractors Kit:

Same as above, just replace the Flush Mount Covers with
10 x Secure Stainless steel covers, 
Add 1 x Drilling Guide and 1 x Spanner 

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"Your product is excellent.I’ve never had any issues with the vapor pin in over 40 –installations. The unique design allows it to be left in place for future use, even in class A office space. I installed two this morning and the installation takes less than 5 minutes."

Eric Gabrielson - Vice President Landmark Environmental

Sub-slab Installation Video

About the Vapour Pin

Vapour Intrusion Bulletins

Vapour Intrusion Bulletin May 2018: The Need for Site Characteristics

Vapour Intrusion Bulletin April 2018: Contamination from ambient air

Vapour Intrusion Bulletin August 2018: Sorbent Sampling

Vapour Intrusion Bulletin December 2018: Conceptual Site Models Part 1


Vapor Pin boasts a huge range of accessories to help you get the job done right. They include:


Vapor Pin Insert

Insert 300x400

The Vapor Pin® Insert is used to facilitate the collection of soil gas samples and pressure measurements beneath engineered vapor intrusion barriers (e.g., Geo-Seal®), or vapor mitigation coatings (e.g., Retro-Coat™)


Stainless Steel Secured Cover

VPSCSS001 1 768x768

Used to secure VAPOR PIN® for extended period of time.


Flush Mount Covers

VPFM050 1 500x451

Plastic covers for 1 1/2" diameter hole, used for temporary or non commercial, low traffic areas.


VAPOR PIN® Sleeves

VPTS077 1 500x391

Forms the seal between the VAPOR PIN® and the slab.




VPPC010 1 500x560

Used to close sampling port when not in use.  Vapor Pin® Caps are placed on top of any type of Vapor Pins® equipped with barb fittings or quick connects, and prevent soil gas from escaping between sample events. Caps should be replaced each time the Vapor Pin® is installed.



Installation/Extraction Tool

extractor 1 768x768

Used to install and extract VAPOR PIN®.