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Products: Groundwater

To inform prudent management of groundwater requires accurate measurements of groundwater levels and water quality.

Groundwater is monitored in sectors such as natural resource management, coal seam gas, mining, agriculture, landfill and contaminated site management.  Hydroterra has been involved with groundwater monitoring activities in all these sectors.

 HydroTerra has established itself as a leader in groundwater monitoring system design, provision of groundwater sensors and sampling technologies, their operation and associated data transmission. In addition, we provide leading software for data management and modelling. We work with the best technology providers in the sector including Solinst, Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Instrumentation Northwest, Eureka, Waterra and more.

HydroTerra’s field teams have undertaken contract sampling and groundwater monitoring system installation works.

We have specialised knowledge and experience in dissolved gas sampling, extreme depth sampling, multilevel monitoring systems, and sensor based telemetry networks.