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EnviroSCAN Probes


EnviroSCAN probe is the flagship product of Sentek. It provides the user with great flexibility for precision monitoring of water and salinity at multiple depths in a soil profile. 

The EnviroSCAN probe is the only commercially available product that allows for monitoring to great depths (up to 40 metres) using the same profiling probe. 

The EnviroScan comes with either soil moisture sensors or TriSCAN sensors (measures soil moisture & salinity) at fixed/specific intervals along the probe device. The probe can also have flat cap or screw cap capabilities depending on the location and functionality. The data retrieval options for the EnviroScan are flexible, ranging from manual downloads to remote telemetry. Get in touch with us for more information on this product and other related technologies Hydroterra offer:

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EnviroScan Access Tube Installation Video