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Products: Telemetry & Data Management

HydroTerra has developed strong telemetry systems and technical expertise in this particular field. Telemetry and Data Management systems can be implemented across a wide range of applications including contaminated land, leachate monitoring, surface water quality and flow, air quality/dust management and weather stations. 

DataStream - HydroTerra's own data management services platform provides:

1. Data storage

  • Data and documentation is stored and indexed within a single MySQL database on the server, which serves as a secure and structured library for the client data processing, presentation and reporting.

2. Data processing

  • Using the DataStream software platform processing routines can be established to perform specific calculations on the collected time series data, validate collected data within certain limits, and assess collected data against thresholds to provide SMS/email notifications to users when thresholds have been exceeded. These are customised to meet clients specified requirements.

3. Data presentation

  • DataStreamsoftware can be utilised to configure web based presentation of all user related data and documentation. This includes: customised plots of raw and processed data (from telemetred, laboratory and field sources).

  • A GIS (Geographic Information System) based upon Google maps, such that data may be inked to the co-ordinates of each location

  • A panel to allow users to input project specific notes and manually entered data to link back to existing data

  • All web presentation is customised to each user and only accessible using his or her credentials for data security.

4. Data Reporting

  • Automated reports (in a Microsoft Word format) can be generated at a set frequency, to provide an easily interpreted summary for data and notes associated with a project over the preceding reporting period. A flowchart for this process is shown in the image below.