Improving agricultural productivity and ecology with advanced technologies to measure, monitor, forecast and manage


HydroTerra improves construction site operations by providing OH&S and environmental monitoring services

Contaminated Land

HydroTerra supports contaminated land property owners, consultants and remediation contractors with environmental assessment and remediation monitoring services


HydroTerra provide the operators and owners of large-scale infrastructure assets (transport, property development and marina/ports) with monitoring systems and services to measure operational and environmental performance.


HydroTerra assists landfill operators and consultants with monitoring and leachate management services


HydroTerra improves mine site and quarry operations by providing environmental and OH&S monitoring services

Natural Resource Management

HydroTerra supports natural resources managers to monitor the condition of our environmental assets

Research Support

HydroTerra supports research institutes and private research organisations by providing monitoring and data reporting services


HydroTerra assists site operators with their wastewater operations, management and monitoring requirements