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Water and Nutrient Management

HydroTerra provides cost-effective monitoring and software support systems (powered by the Swan Systems) that enables irrigators to optimise and manage water and nutrient application.

The precision irrigation software processes a range of inputs (forecast weather, irrigation volumes, satellite imagery, nutrient levels in water and soil moisture readings) to provide the information required for precise scheduling and monitoring of irrigation and nutrient applications.

This in turn has benefits for economic, environmental and social outcomes through optimised resources use and reduced leaching.

Using HydroTerra to manage your recycled/reclaimed irrigation water project will enable you to monitor and manage nutrients applied to your irrigated areas.

The reporting functionality allows you to quickly generate reports for compliance management. Knowing the nutrient load of the recycled water used for irrigation will enable you to precisely plan and monitor the amount of nutrients being applied to your irrigated areas.

 Irrigation Dashboard

Managing Effluent Irrigation for Water Utilities 

We understand how important it is to manage the resources required to run a recycled water program and the challenges involved in ensuring standards are maintained and complying with environment-protection conditions. We are also aware that water utilities require transparent and accountable management decisions that are based on real data.

Managing Irrigation Inputs for Agriculture

Plan and manage your  irrigation and nutrient needs for your agricultural crops will enable you to accurately monitor and analyse your operations so that you can confidently plan what changes need to occur to achieve the best results. Optimising and applying water and nutrients to your crops exactly when they need it will result in healthy, resilient plants that thrive rather than struggle.

Managing Water and Nutrients for Public Open Spaces

Manage the irrigation of your Public Open Space will enable you to take into account your available water and schedule your irrigation and nutrient needs according to the requirements of your plants, ensuring not a drop of water is wasted.

By optimising water utilisation you only use (and pay for) what your plants need.