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HydroTerra hosts regular and free environmental monitoring webinars delivered by HydroTerra experts, our suppliers and special guests from academia and industry. To keep informed about upcoming topics and exciting guest speakers, sign up to receive our newsletter here


Webinar tittle

30/04/2021 -

Rehydrating Australia’s Landscape – Productivity and Environmental Benefits

16/04/2021 -

101 Soil Moisture Monitoring: Why and how we monitor soil moisture

26/03/2021 - 

Measuring Mine Site Rehabilitation Success: Challenges and solutions

12/03/2021 -

101 Low Flow Groundwater Sampling

26/02/2021 -

101 on Ground Water Pumping Tests

12/02/2021 -

Aquaread - AP-6000 Advanced multiparameter water quality probe with self-cleaning

11/12/2020 -

Best Practice - Aquatic Monitoring (Canadian perspective)

13/11/2020 -

Reduced Uncertainty through Continuous Ground-Gas Monitoring

30/10/2020 -

Vapor Pin - Best Practices for Vapor Data Collection

16/10/2020 -

New Solinst Levelogger 5 Series – A product you can continue to rely on

02/10/2020 -

Efficiencies in Construction Site Air Quality Monitoring

18/09/2020 -

Crossroads: Selecting the Right Molecular Biological Tool for Assessment of InSitu Contaminant Degradation

04/09/2020 -

Mine site & Quarry Operational Support (Retrofitting Telemetered Groundwater Monitoring Systems)

21/08/2020 -

Water Quality Monitoring and Application by Aquaread

07/08/2020 -

Solinst - 407 Bladder Pump vs 408 Double Valve Pump

24/07/2020 -

Willowstick: A non-intrusive geophysical method to identify, map & model preferential groundwater flow paths

10/07/2020 -

Solinst - New 105 Well Casing & Depth Indicator


 microbial insights HydroTerra

Introduction to Molecular Biological Tools: How MBTs Improve Site Management and Save Money

Presenter: Dora Taggert

Accompanying reading: A Guide for Assessing Biodegradation and Source Identification of Organic Groundwater Contaminants Using Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA)


Introduction to Soil-Gas Assessment

Presenter: Mort Schmidt