Technology Support

Providing exceptional advice on what monitoring technology to choose, how to install, and operate

Environmental Monitoring

Providing systems and services to deliver high quality monitoring data and reporting

Monitoring & Control Systems

Providing peace of mind through innovative design, installation, integration and operation of monitoring and control systems

Technology Commercialisation

Supporting the innovation of environmental monitoring technologies from seed funding through to market

Your one stop environmental monitoring shop

HydroTerra provides a one-stop-shop for all aspects of environmental monitoring project delivery; Our services span from system design, planning, equipment selection and provision, right through to installation, maintenance, and on-going systems oversight.

What makes us unique is our blend of experienced applied scientists, who understand the need for the data being collected and our team of technology experts who understand how to integrate the myriad technologies available.

Our customers benefit from our rapid response rates, proven reliability, and significant cost savings, made possible by our:

  • Expert team of applied scientists, engineers & technicians
  • Agreements with global monitoring instrument suppliers
  • Superior buying power
  • Vast equipment rental fleet
  • Extensive workshop capabilities
  • End-to-end project service provision capabilities
  • Accredited quality, environment and OH&S management systems