Monitoring Plans

At HydroTerra, we work closely with our clients to develop Monitoring Plans that meet their compliance and regulatory requirements and provide the metrics to drive operational efficiency. Our team of applied scientists thrive on finding new solutions to monitoring challenges. HydroTerra has developed a proprietary reporting framework called DataStream™, which ensures the reporting templates and data acquisition systems include the requisite metadata, and the measurement methods are based on industry best practice.

Project Management

When you work with HydroTerra you can be confident that every detail will be attended to. We underpin our work delivery with experienced Project Managers, a comprehensive suite of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and our ISO accredited Quality Systems. Most importantly, we believe that our attention to thorough communication is the key that drives our success.

Field Data Collection

Field monitoring programs require trusted, quality, checked data and that’s what HydroTerra provides.

Using our DataStream™ systems ensures data is collected and reported efficiently, no matter the media. We specialise in measuring groundwater, surface water, soil, ground gas and air for operations, environmental compliance and OH&S purposes.

We lead in this field because of the diverse training and experience of our field data collection technicians and scientists and our unrivaled access to a range of measurement technologies.

Data Management & Visualisation

HydroTerra’s data management service, “DataStream™” sets a new standard for managing operational, environmental and compliance monitoring data. DataStream™ incorporates best of breed software, configured to ensure functionality, flexibility and security.


The DataStream™ portal is a secure and customised platform for storage and management of spot field measurements, sampling data, laboratory analytical results, manual field data, time series data files, field notes and photographs – all displayed in an elegant web-based platform.

Customised reporting includes graphical interface, real time display, alarm notifications and data downloads for use in other software applications. Geographic Information System GIS based mapping allows users to visually link data to physical locations at the click of a mouse!

The real strength of our DataStream platform is the efficiency gained by automated data transfer from the field to reporting in a format that our clients need. Consultant partners use DataStream outputs for their own reporting and expert interpretation, producing a high-quality finished product in a cost effective way.


DataStream, unlike most data management platforms, is not tied to any one technology. In fact, multiple sensors and telemetry systems can be seamlessly combined into the one data pipeline and aggregated within the secure DataStream™ environment.

The exact telemetry and sensor combination can be designed in concert with our engineers to produce a Monitoring Plan and System Design. This service allows clients to meet specifications and budget – no matter how big or small.


Data security is one of the biggest challenges facing the Internet of Things (IoT) age. DataStream™ is configured with industry-leading security. Data collection features a self-regulating checking mechanism to ensure no data loss occurs. Therefore, DataStream™ is perfect for low connectivity implementations.

Managing, interrogating, and reporting on information collected from multiple sites, each with multiple sensors collecting a range of readings is made easy with DataStream™!


HydroTerra provides bespoke reports utilising best of breed software and data automation capabilities to deliver cost effective reporting that meets expectations of client and third party stakeholders. This reporting being relevant, timely, superbly formatted to aid customer decision making.

HydroTerra undertakes the reporting using the DataStream™ System. Report types include:

Longterm Monitoring Site Reports:

  • Monitoring Plans & System Designs
  • Monitoring Plans & System Specifications
  • Monitoring Site Descriptions

Field Data Collection Reports:

  • Field Activity Reports
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Operational Reports describing how the site has been configured and tasks undertaken
  • Monitoring Data Reports, including field measurements, laboratory data and sensor based time series data
  • Metadata Reports describing the provenance of the above reports and data files.

Facility Compliance Reports:

HydroTerra provides bespoke Assessment Reports for a range of applications including operational metrics, environmental compliance reports and OH&S compliance reports. Each report contains a standard set of Metadata.