HydroTerra supports Australia’s premier research organisations with their valuable applied research projects. We work with applied researchers from universities, private research organisations, government departments and industry associations to produce high-quality data supporting a range of bespoke research trials in a range of industries.

Our extensive technology offering is readily available and includes:

  • Design, installation and management of long-term monitoring sites
  • DataStreamTM integrated networks and bespoke reporting systems
  • Sensor and telemetry hardware
  • Sampling technologies
  • Laboratory analytical services
  • Geophysical mapping technologies
  • Time series data analysis
  • Satellite data interpretation
  • Spatial data analysis

Our service offering includes:

We lead the environmental monitoring space in the research sector because of our:

  • End-to-end service offering
  • Access to a comprehensive range of monitoring technologies
  • Experienced teams of applied scientists, engineers and technicians
  • Mature quality systems including ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO14001 accreditations

Key projects

  • Melbourne Polytechnic Agriculture Monitoring Integrated Soil Moisture, Climate, Sapflow Monitoring Network. Theme: Quality data to support Natural Resources Management.
  • Aqua Armour, Ouyen & Gippsland, Vic: Modular dam cover effectiveness (evaporation and water quality management) integrated monitoring system

Case studies

Our research clients