Essential decision tools in modern agriculture are increasingly supported by IoT and targeted expertise.  Inspired by productivity and ecological benefits arising from measurement, monitoring, forecasting and data management, HydroTerra is well positioned to service the agricultural sector in provision of monitoring hardware, software and consulting services to suit project needs.

Common agriculture applications include:

Water reticulation system monitoring with telemetry, data storage and alarm systems – providing farmers with peace of mind and time savings in management of water storage and pumping systems.  Typical components are:

  • Level sensors – water storage, surface water, groundwater
  • Flow sensors – pumping systems
  • Water pressure sensors – pumping systems
  • Telemetered options for all sensors – cellular, satellite, LoRaWAN, radio
  • DataStreamTM data storage, alarms, reporting

Irrigation optimisation, to maximise plant available water and water use efficiency, requires monitoring of water supply plus programmed response of irrigation systems to meet optimal crop water demand.  Typical components include:

  • Soil sensors, multi-depth – moisture, temperature, EC
  • Level Sensors – water storage, surface water, groundwater
  • Weather stations – multiparameter
  • Flow and pressure sensors – irrigation pumping systems
  • Plant water use – sap flow, transpiration
  • Irrigation system controllers
  • Water quality meters
  • Telemetered options for all sensors – cellular, satellite, LoRaWAN, radio
  • DataStreamTM data storage, alarms, reporting

Effluent system monitoring and control systems, including:

  • Level sensors for effluent storage
  • Flow and pressure sensors – pumping systems
  • Pumping system controllers
  • Effluent sampling and quality testing
  • Irrigation requirement forecasting

Research & Development programs for comparisons and testing of agricultural technologies and practices.  HydroTerra can provide full service including monitoring hardware, software, data management, reporting and project management.

Key projects

  • South East Water, Vic: Effluent reuse optimisation
  • NMIT, Stawell, Vic: Telemetered soil moisture monitoring, viticulture training
  • Melbourne Polytechnic, Yan Yean, Vic: Technology demonstration farm
  • Dennis Farm, Vic: Water management, reticulation and stock watering monitoring systems, reporting
  • Basils Farm, Drysdale, Vic: Viticulture monitoring of soil moisture and plant water use

Case studies

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