Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Policy

Health, Safety, Environment Protection & Quality Policy

HydroTerra is committed to protecting the environment, safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of our employees and those we work with whilst consistently working toward exceeding our customer’s expectations.

HydroTerra is specialised in environmental monitoring. We support the industry in Australia with: Technology provision (rental, sales, service and support) including technology integration, installation, monitoring data collection and data management; Technology Awareness (Marketing, Webinars, Demonstration); Research (collaborative research, working together to develop optimal solutions); Technology Development (making technical ideas a commercial reality) and Training (increasing adoption of best practice technology through technology training).

This commitment is supported by our values of integrity, reliability, respect, innovation, collaboration and environmental sustainability.

Our guiding principles are:
• Collaboration with the community, council, customers, suppliers, associates and team members to identify, eliminate or control risks to quality, health, safety and environmental performance;
• Use risk management and the hierarchy of controls to develop our objectives and targets;
• Deliver on our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment responsibilities and ensure our employees are equipped and trained toward achieving zero harm;
• We ensure sustainable performance through long term, mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders and customers.

How the Objectives will be achieved:
• Holding leaders accountable for delivery of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment improvements;
• Everyone that works within the business understands their role and visibly demonstrates commitment to our objectives and targets;
• Complying with all applicable legislation and voluntary requirements, including protection of the environment and prevention of pollution;
• Developing and maintaining our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management system and programs;
• Reviewing and monitoring our progress, and taking action on non-conformance;
• Promoting effective communication and participation in improvement programs.

HydroTerra shall provide the time and resources necessary to implement this policy and shall work toward the continuous improvement of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment performance. Communication tools, framework for the setting and reviewing of EHS objectives are detailed in section 3.0 Policy of the 3528_HT HSEQ Induction Handbook.

Richard Campbell
Managing Director
10 September 2021