Our team includes instrumentation engineers, environmental scientists, environmental engineers, hydrogeologists, technicians and project managers, not to mention our professional services team.

A mixed blend of age, gender, race and capabilities ensures our approach is always multi-dimensional with innovation a key driver.

Although we are a diverse bunch, HydroTerra’s team culture remains constant and we are driven by the same company values. A good laugh along the way is also important!

Richard Campbell

Managing Director

Richard Campbell is the company founder.  Richard has been a geologist, hydrogeologist and environmental scientist for more than 25 years.  In recent times Richard has focused on monitoring technologies and how these can be applied to improving operational and compliance efficiencies.  Richard has significant experience in environmental and regulatory compliance requirements having worked in the areas of EPA auditing, landfill, mining, coal seam gas, catchment management, contaminated sites, effluent irrigation, agriculture, aquatic environments and many more. Richard has significant experience in monitoring system design and implementation.

Steve Dudgeon

Business Development Manager & Principal Monitoring Services

Steve Dudgeon recently joined HydroTerra. Steve has extensive technical experience in soil and water management, assessment and modelling. His specialist skills lie in soils survey assessment and modelling, hydrology, storage reliability and irrigation demand modelling, nutrient and water balance modelling, farm and storage survey (RTK, Drone and Hydro), IoT sensor development and connectivity (NBIoT, LEO and GEO Satellite), erosion and sediment control, waterway health assessment and stability rehabilitation, water quality and stormwater management and modelling and project and business management. Steve holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Canberra where he majored in Soil & Water. He has more than 32 years of professional experience.

Nadine McCann

Accounts Administrator

Nadine McCann has 20 years experience in Finance and Accounts and is always looking to improve Hydroterra's Accounts processes to improve efficiencies in Business Services.

Troy Thompson

Operations Manager

Troy Thompson joined HydroTerra in 2023 and has over 25 years of experience in the environmental monitoring field. Starting his career taking wastewater samples, Troy moved into flow monitoring where we worked as a field hydrographer across Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA installing and operating a range of sensors, data loggers and telemetry systems before working as a data analyst. Troy has significant experience managing projects and field teams with a big focus on safety having completed thousands of confined space entries. Troy’s focus is on ensuring the best experience for HydroTerra’s staff and customers by providing the correct technology solutions and support.

Nischal Acharya

Procurement and Logistics Coordinator

Nischal joined the HydroTerra team in May of 2023. He is an experienced logistics and procurement coordinator, skilled in staging smooth supply chain operations. Utilizing meticulous attention to detail and robust analytical abilities, he has enhanced HydroTerra's efficiency and guarantees prompt procurement. Prior to joining HydroTerra, he held a position as a logistics specialist for GMP products in a pharmaceutical company. Nischal remains dedicated to fostering strong connections with vendors and suppliers, implementing impactful strategies to enhance business services.

Andrew Wollen


Andrew has over three decades of commercial experience including eight years of operating his own business in the environmental remediation sector.  With degree qualifications in agricultural science and business, Andrew spent most of his career in agribusiness gaining experience in international trade, distribution, manufacturing, R&D and consulting.  Executive roles have included general management, commercial operations, business development and project management.  Andrew’s part time role with HydroTerra includes project management of agricultural projects and the establishment of distribution agreements with suppliers.

Richard Walsh

Product Sales Manager

Richard has been involved in the environmental services industry for more than 20 years.  He has worked extensively with environmental dust monitoring equipment, weather equipment and occupational health and hygiene solutions. He has performed a variety of roles including Key Account Manager, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Engineer,  Dealer Manager and Sales Coordinator.  With a background in electronic engineering, Richard’s key focus is sharing a high level of product technical knowledge with customers.  Helping customers to find the best solution to their needs, is a key driver for Richard.

Yik Cheong

Senior Project Engineer

Yik has 25 years’ experience in automated process design and controls, remediation system design, PLC/SCADA/HMI system design and programming. Yik also has extensive experience in environmental monitoring and sensor technologies, remote telemetry system design/integration, field installations, commissioning and maintenance of automated environmental monitoring systems, data acquisition and reporting, web-based data management platforms and technical support.

He is skilled within project management, highly experienced in manufacturing industries and system integrations, and experienced in leading teams of engineers as well as technical staff members.

John Guo

Rental & Workshop Manager

John has been with HydroTerra since 2017. Over his career he has worked as Instrument Technician, Electrical Engineer, Application Engineer and Project Manager. With the background of electrical engineering, John is keen to share product technical knowledge with the clients. As the Rental & Workshop Manager, John’s focus is to deliver the best service to the clients and undertake the troubleshooting with his extensive technical skillset.

Steve Cody

Principal Monitoring Services

Steve has 40 years instrumentation experience to his name and brings not only a wealth of knowledge but also an adaptable and collaborative approach to HydroTerra. He has previously worked in a variety of areas, including, instrumentation and telemetry, marine technologies, and automation and industrial control. Steve is a great asset to the team as Principal Monitoring Services.

Andrew Thexton

Business Development Consultant

Andrew's wide and varied professional journey began as an inner suburban Hotelier before studying Applied Biology at RMIT. He then transitioned to roles as an analytical chemist, microbiologist, and field sampler in a major environmental laboratory. Recognizing he excelled in interpersonal skills, Andrew progressed onto Client Management and Business Development, eventually establishing his own consulting business. Andrew's analytical background provides a profound understanding of chemical and microbiological contamination of soil, water, and air. His experience as a Client Manager and Business Development Manager has cultivated a vast network of professional connections in the industry.

Ben Campbell

Project Scientist

Dominic Dillon

Field Technician

Dominic has over 5 years of field work experience in the use and installation of environmental monitoring equipment. With tertiary qualifications in chemistry and
environmental management, Dominic is working to deliver HydroTerra’s field monitoring programs and ensuring that instrumentation is well maintained and providing high quality data.

Ture Carlson

Field Technician

Ture holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science – Geoscience. While new to the environmental monitoring industry when he joined the HydroTerra team at the start of 2022, Ture brings a passion for the environment and a drive to preserve our natural resources.

Ruben Andersen

Field Technician

You could say that Ruben Andersen was born to be an environmental scientist, having been immersed in the ways of field sampling and monitoring from a very young age by his ecologist parents. Since then, Ruben has completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Master of Environment, specialising in Environmental Science.

Ruben began his professional career as an intern with the Victorian EPA Water Sciences Unit, working with water quality data from the state’s major catchment areas to produce a yearly reporting tool. More recently, Ruben has been working in Darwin gaining both in-field and report writing experience at EcOz and working as a Research Assistant at the Charles Darwin University.

Gleidson Guilhem

DataStream Support

Gleidson holds a bachelor's degree in Systems Information and has been working with Technology for several years, having strong experience in systems integration, Databases and Web Development. Also, he has worked for medium and large companies in educational, technology and service sectors. Passionate about IoT and sustainability, working for HydroTerra as a Data Visualisation Analyst has been life changing. Gleidson will focus on bringing into play all the skills to provide valuable input to the company.

Nick Bailey

Technical Sales Consultant

Nick joined the HydroTerra team in March 2023. He is an environmental scientist having studied at Monash University, with a background in water quality monitoring and scientific sales. Previously he was working as a technical application specialist for water quality monitoring equipment in Australia and New Zealand, with a specialty in analytical sensors for electrochemistry. Nick is dedicated to improving environmental outcomes and helping customers find the right solution for their monitoring needs.

Dominique Wray

Rental Coordinator

Ryan Yun

Instrument Technician

Ryan is an instrumentation technician who has had over 10 years’ experience working with environmental monitoring equipment. Since starting work with HydroTerra in March 2012, Ryan has had hands on experience working on the installation of a number of environmental monitoring systems. As HydroTerra’s workshop technician Ryan is able to repair and troubleshoot any unexpected fault during sampling or installation.

John Morton

Instrument Technician

John has worked in several industries throught his career. From apprentice to process control instrument technician with MMBW, then after graduating from Chisholm Institute with majors in Physics and Computer Science spent 10 years with Telecom working as a mainframe operating systems programmer. For the next 20 years John worked as a database analyst, systems analyst and repository programmer on mainframe systems with a number of large companies and has joined HydroTerra after spending 10 years Teaching Secondary Science and Information Technology.

Lachlan Ward

Instrument Technician

Lachlan Ward is currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science at RMIT and has a passion for sustainability in both Australia and overseas, especially in the energy sector. Lachlan is a self-starter who has a thirst for learning and collaboration.

Carla Henriques

Administration Officer

Carla has worked as an accounts administrator, accounts receivables & payables for approximately 20 years, she has a varied role in Hydroterra assisting in accounts, procurement, sales and general office administration. Carla recently took over the position of HSEQ Coordinator and is responsible for overseeing HydroTerra's Quality Management System and to maintain HydroTerra's external certification to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001.

Amelia Campbell

Finance Officer

Amelia is HydroTerra’s Accounts Payable administrator.  She has worked for HydroTerra since 2004. Amelia works closely with the Accounts Team in HydroTerra ensuring timely payments of suppliers, subcontractors and the HydroTerra team.

Jenny Cameron

Accounts and Administration Assistant

Jenny is member of the Accounts team in HydroTerra, working on accounts payable & receivable and general administration. Jenny enjoys working with a team passionate about the health of our environment.

Annabelle McPhail

Environmental Engineer

Annabelle joined HydroTerra in April 2022 and has a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, specialising in groundwater. She is part of the Monitoring Services Team and is Training Coordinator.

Iris Benjamin

Environmental Science Intern

Iris joined Hydroterra in September 2023 as an environmental science intern. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Science Advanced (Global Challenges) at Monash University, majoring in Earth Science. She is passionate about environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation.

Ross Hyne

Marketing Intern

Ross joined the marketing team at HydroTerra in January of 2023 as an Intern. He recently completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Zoology. Whilst his interests lie more in the field of ecology and wildlife, Ross brings a unique insight to HydroTerra. His creativity and critical thinking skills have served the marketing team well.

William Davie

Engineering Intern

Isabella Calder

Engineering Intern

Bella joined Hydroterra in February 2024 as an Engineering intern. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at RMIT, majoring in mechatronics and advanced manufacturing. She is passionate about environmental sustainability and loves learning about the impact AI will have on our lives.

Frederick Campbell


Team Culture


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Through fairness, courtesy and empathy our employees, clients and partnerships thrive


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