100% up-time, 100% of the time

21 September 2022


Image source – istockphoto.com

At HydroTerra our integrated systems deliver 100 percent up-time with 100 percent accuracy, 100 percent of the time. They are unaffected by the environment, hardware failures, telemetry outages or wayward cockatoos eating cables.

And pigs fly!

While the above is what we aspire to, the reality is, of course, somewhat less than this. For this reason, HydroTerra has invested in developing DataStreamTM processes to allow us to remotely troubleshoot our networks.

We have recently launched a suite of service level agreement offerings to allow our customers to choose the level of oversight and support they wish HydroTerra to provide. This has not been an easy task, as it has involved establishing a standard for how we document our system designs and specifications, how we track our onsite inventory as our sites evolve, and finally how we can, with technology selection, achieve optimum remote knowledge of what may be affecting the functionality of our systems at any point in time.

The measure of our success is documented through data reporting protocols that cover percentage complete, uptime availability and data quality, among others.

We have recently adopted this across a number of our sites where we have a diversity of instruments, dataloggers, telemetry and hosting software, and the structure has proved invaluable. For example, The Mulloon Institute (TMI) monitoring network is jointly managed by HydroTerra under a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The strength of the structure has allowed human resource sharing between the two businesses to maintain what is a complex network. This has saved TMI time and money and provided reporting of data provenance to support their important research activities.

A number of HydroTerra’s clients are not equipped with the technical know-how or time to maintain their networks appropriately, often forgetting to clean sensors and replace batteries. Through our methodology, we provide a well-thought-out process that includes automated alarms, routed to relevant personnel, who enable the systems to continue at their optimum performance level.

If you would like to find out more about how HydroTerra can help keep your sensor networks up and running, please call our support team at HydroTerra on (03) 8683 0091.