A running stream over rocks with twinkle lights in the water. PRESS PLAY for Richard Campbell's Festive Greeting.2022 has been an exciting year, full of challenges and highlights. Personally, I’m looking forward to putting my bum on a beach for a couple of weeks and catching up with some buddies at Merricks Beach for a few frothies and banter. After 50 years of summers there, I’m starting to feel I know every nook and cranny, but, just like HydroTerra, things are always evolving!

My big take for 2022 is that while nothing seems to have changed, (our core strategy is still to be the best at environmental monitoring), the enabler for this strategy is going through rapid transformation. The evolution of cloud-based hosting and software being developed by sensor manufacturers, combined with constantly improving data visualisation and analytical software packages, means the options for bespoke monitoring systems are almost endless. This makes selecting the right monitoring technologies and successfully integrating them extremely difficult, without the right skill-set.

HydroTerra’s Christmas commitment to you is to continue evolving our team and services to meet this need. We are ready to collaborate to bring this transformation to market, by helping you select the most appropriate technology and by providing the best support going around. We are pumped for the new year because the potential for automation to improve operational efficiencies and reduce environmental impacts has never been greater.

But for now, I’m going to reflect on what has been a massive year of growth for HydroTerra and thank you all – our suppliers, team members, clients and partners – for your part in helping us to thrive. I invite you to watch my Festive Greeting.



Managing Director