Aqualabo digital sensors

25 April 2022


Are you searching for an online water quality sensor for a challenging environment? The Aqualabo Ponsel Range is a great choice.

Key features include:

  • Universal communication using ModBus RS485 / SDI-12
  • Integrated transmitter (recording of calibration data, history and measurement processing in the sensor)
  • Compact, rugged and light
  • Ultra-low power technology
  • Supplied with either bare-wire or Fisher Connector to connect to Odeon Handheld
  • Cable length of 3m, 7m or 15m. (Special lengths available on request.)

Available sensors:

  • PHEHT – pH, ORP and Temperature
  • EHAN – Annular ORP and Temperature
  • C4E – Conductivity / Salinity
  • CTZN – Inductive Conductivity
  • OPTOD – Optical Dissolved Oxygen
  • NTU – Nephelometric Turbidity
  • MES5/VB5 – Measurement of Suspended Solids, turbidity and sludge blanket
  • And new to the range – STACSENSE – UV Optical Technology for optimal measurements

Aqualabo’s Ponsel range of transmitters is available from HydroTerra. Call us on 03 8683 0091 if you have any questions.


Ponsel Transmitters