NEON Range of single parameter meters from Aqualabo

16 May 2024


HydroTerra is pleased to offer the new range of compact, sturdy, user-friendly, single-parameter hand-held Neon meters from Aqualabo. The meters can be supplied with 3m, 7m or 15m cable and are a low cost, reliable and modern option for your water quality application.


The C4E handheld device measures Temperature, Conductivity and Salinity of water. A portable, modern, intuitive device, it stores up to 30,000 data points that are downloadable via Wi-Fi connection.


Aqualabo’s NEON PHEHT handheld measuring instrument, is a modern water quality control solution for precise pH, ORP and temperature monitoring, featuring intuitive handling, 30,000 data point recording and data transfer via Wi-Fi.

NEON Handheld Oximeter

Featuring advanced optical luminescence technology, Wi-Fi data transfer, a robust design, a built-in barometer, the cutting-edge handheld NEON OPTOD is your go-to for dissolved oxygen measurement, ensuring precise water quality monitoring.

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