Aquaread PRO SERIES release!

16 February 2023


Building on the success of their recent Aquaprobe and Aquasonde series, our proud suppliers at Aquaread have just released the next generation of multiparameter water quality monitoring instruments called Pro Series! The two products that make up their newly released Pro Series include the AP-PRO and the AS-PRO. The new Pro Series brings with it new-to-industry materials allowing measurement at far greater depths and various other significant improvements upon their previous products.

Both the AP and the AS models of the new range feature a combination of titanium and carbon fibre, offering extremely high compressive strength, making them capable of measuring at extreme depths of up to 300m. the unique measurement chamber has also been upgraded to achieve more stability, its matt black design also prevents reflection. The upgraded measurement chamber can also be used for sensor calibration, the upside of this is that the volume of calibration solution required is reduced, thus reducing maintenance costs.
The new Pro range comes with all the key sensors and is also equipped with a self-cleaning system. The new range also sees the introduction of smart sensors which are able to hold calibration data allowing exchange without the need to recalibrate.

The AS-PRO is fitted with a novel three-position switch ring mechanism allowing you to switch the function of the sonde. The switch ring additionally makes for much easier operation of the unit. When set to BlueTooth mode, using the SondeLink App, the user can take live data readings, calibrate the Sonde, set-up the logging regime, check battery and memory levels and upload logged data from the Sonde to the PC.

For more information on the new Aquaread Pro series, visit the link below: