Aquaread’s 3-pronged attack!

21 July 2022


Brand new products on their way

Aquaread’s PRO series expands with the new release of the AP-PRO and AS-PRO. They form a range of sondes with specific focus to shallow depth, medium term deployments. The sondes can be deployed up to a depth of 300m and are built to withstand harsh conditions due to their titanium and carbon fibre construction. The sensors available for the PRO Series hold their calibration inside the sensor body meaning they can be seamlessly swapped between probes without the need for recalibration. The AP-PRO is the handheld version of the series which is designed to be used for spot measurements whereas as AS-PRO has all the same features, but is built with internal memory and power allowing for long term deployment.

The next exciting release is the Bluetooth app, which customers can freely download from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app will mirror the features of the GPS Aquameter, offering a live graphical view of your data. A rechargeable Bluetooth module will connect to the top ends of the probes allowing connection to the app. The new app is backwards compatible with all Aquaprobe, Aquasonde and PRO Series products by Aquaread.

Aquaread is also releasing an ‘In-well telemetry’ modem which will conveniently fit into a two-inch monitoring well. The modem will be powered by lithium ion or alkaline batteries for a battery life of up to two years. This will allow for live, online data for its users. Aquaread is also offering an online cloud-based data bureau and a range of sim card options. Each new modem will come with one year of free hosting and sim card access anywhere in the world.

These new products will soon be available from HydroTerra.