Stepping into the future with Artificial Intelligence

21 March 2024



Our commitment to providing top-tier solutions has led us to embrace artificial intelligence as a means to elevate our services further.

We’re excited to announce our latest endeavour: harnessing the power of AI to compile a comprehensive database of environmental monitoring products and application information. By collating both documented and undocumented knowledge, we’re creating a centralized hub of information to improve our approach to offering tailored solutions and expertise.

Our AI-powered platform aims to ensure that every solution is meticulously considered with all products in our marketplace and application knowledge, drawing from an extensive pool of resources.

To achieve this, we’ve enlisted the expertise of external consultants and our in-house specialists. Together, we’re building, training, and refining our AI language model, incorporating data sources such as product datasheets, manuals, and internal knowledge.

Importantly, we prioritize the confidentiality and security of our customers. No sensitive or personal information is fed to the model.

We’re looking forward to the AI model being rolled out in 2024, and we believe this is an exciting step to further solidify our status as experts in environmental monitoring solutions.