Continuous ground gas monitors

AmbiSense designs and manufacturers smart, field deployable, gas monitoring instruments and networks.

AmbiSense began life as an Irish EPA STRIVE funded project developed in the National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR) in Dublin City University. The objective of the project and the challenge posed was to develop a low cost device suitable for deployment in-the-field and capable of providing continuing monitoring of landfill gas (LFG).

The technology is non-invasive, requires no operator involvement and provides a continuous flow of data, accessible to customers on any device.

AmbiSense technology helps customers achieve the following:

  • Remotely monitor unmanned locations
  • Reduce monitoring costs
  • Build useful data-sets quickly and cost effectively
  • Continuously monitoring problematic locations
  • Maximise gas yield & profitability from landfill gas sites
  • Accelerate site remediation and handover

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