ANB Sensors

ANB Sensors Ltd, a UK micro-SME, was formed based on its success in the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health X-Prize Competition ANB have identified and filed patents for a disruptive, enabling technology which allows for the measurement of pH in demanding aqueous media. Based on the outskirts of Cambridge UK we are a dedicated team of highly motivated professionals all with the vision to help the world capture pH measurements as easily and as pain-free as possible.

Calibration Free

We have developed a new electrochemical sensor technology which uses the market accepted, ubiquitous glass electrode, but provides for autonomous, in-situ, calibration of the electrode.  This lack of manual calibration provides the following value proposition:

  • is at least 70% cheaper to operate and maintain.
  • can be deployed for extended periods of time for autonomous sensing.
  • can be deployed in an autonomous sensor network, extending

Solid State

Our technology is also the basis for a solid-state sensor that will open up whole new markets. The solid-state pH technology provides further value building on in-situ calibration, including:

  • Removal of storage issues of the glass electrode, since unlike glass electrodes, our solid-state sensor can be stored dry.
  • Robust, since we do not use glass, meaning it can be used more easily in the food and beverage industries.
  • At least 20% cheaper to purchase than the glass electrode


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