Beacon Environmental Services

Soil vapour characterisation technologies

Beacon Environmental Services specialise in soil vapour characterisation technology and services.  Technology includes specific soil vapour absorbents, a highly-specialized laboratory known for providing the most accurate and reliable soil gas, ambient air, and indoor air data in the industry using advanced sorbent sampling techniques.

Beacon Environmental Services achieve industry best data quality objectives, setting the standard for:

  • High-resolution data collection
  • Cost effectively guiding soil and groundwater sampling programs
  • Reliably monitoring emissions in air
  • Accurately measuring data to support vapour intrusion assessments
  • Superior methodologies
  • Effective sampling
  • Expert analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Expeditious turnaround

Beacon is accredited for the analysis of soil gas and air samples in accordance with ISO 17025 and U.S. Department of Defence (DoD) ELAP standards.  Passive soil gas samples are analyzed following U.S. EPA Method 8260C, with results based on an initial 5-point calibration.  Internal standards and surrogates are included in each sample analysis to ensure data are of the highest quality and defensible.

Beacon is the first company accredited for the collection of soil gas or indoor/ambient air samples.

HydroTerra support Beacon with field data collection services within Australia in collaboration with our clients.

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