Environmental Monitoring Products and Equipment

EON Products, Inc. sells and rents hundreds of tools, instruments, and other environmental monitoring products for sampling and measuring at environmental sites and for industrial and commercial testing needs. Founded in 1995 by Bradley Varhol, EON’s mission is to assist and support each customer with knowledgeable, helpful and rapid service while providing the best choice in high-quality, cost-saving equipment and rental services. We want to make sampling, measuring and monitoring easier for you!

Our Company History

Starting as a manufacturer of disposable bailers, EON quickly became a supplier of choice for the entire range of conventional sampling equipment and environmental monitoring products. In the early 2000s, EON developed and patented the SUPERBAILER™, an improved disposable groundwater sampling bailer, which is now the bailer of choice for thousands of sampling events every year. Looking for ways to aid consultants in reducing cost and improving results, EON invested heavily in the commercialisation of the Equilibrator™, the first passive diffusion sampler, which has been used worldwide to acquire over 300,000 groundwater samples. We have successfully introduced the HydraSleeve™ and other no-purge samplers, which account for a significant and growing portion of the groundwater sampling market because they reduce sampling cost and provide enhanced results.