Halytech is an Australian company specialising in the design and manufacture of data logging, remote monitoring and control instruments. Our devices feature very low power consumption and the ability to communicate over a variety of fixed, wireless and satellite networks.

Halytech products use a simple web-based interface designed for use by technical and non-technical people. Our products are equally at home in industrial environments or harsh, remote locations without mains power or communications infrastructure.

In addition to the standard products such as the Spider SMS, we can also create custom designs to meet your exact requirements.

Halytech products offer:

  • Browser interface – no software required
  • High capacity memory
  • Built-in GSM/NextG/Satellite communications
  • SMS alarms
  • SMS controls
  • E-mail and FTP reporting
  • Low power operation

Typical applications:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Industrial control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote control
  • Facility management
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Energy and Carbon Monitoring

Brand Products