LDI (Laser Diagnostic Instruments)

LDI is an established R&D company that has been developing and building sensors that analyse substances in real time. Combining photonics with advance algorithm in software analysis, their instruments excel at detecting specific molecules using non-contact technology. LDI have chemists, electricians, and optical engineers who help realize our products, all done in-house in Estonia.

Being in business since 1991, LDI originally started by building sophisticated aircraft and ship-mounted laser based (LiDAR) systems that can detect sub-surface oil spills over many miles. The demand for a simpler, more flexible device that would catch early surface spills in real-time led us to develop ROW, which is now installed in industrial and public water facilities around the world.

LDI hold nine core technological patents and continue to innovate our products. They aim to ensure that industrial processes remain safe and risks to the environment are minimalised. Their non-contact technology puts their products at the forefront of easy to use instrument for water monitoring. Because remote sensing is our passion, you can count on LDI to stand by your side for years.

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