NKE Instrumentation


Nke Instrumentation is a French company based in Lorient near the Atlantic coast.  It belongs to nke Group which employs more than 60 people in the water quality field and marine industry.

is working with more than 30 different countries.

We have more than 30 years of experience of manufacturing oceanographic loggers and know exactly how to deal with issues when it comes to oceans robustness.  Our expert knowledge is in the fresh water environment and we have long standing relationships with customers in this fiel.


NKE Instrumentation has it’s own metrology laboratory and is able to calibrate all our products.


One of our top priorities is to be a t the forefront of innovation and we place our users and collaborators at the centre of our thinking around this.


  • providing top class measurement validity.
  • providing the best measurement quality.
  • providing modular product adapted to the needs.

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