PyroScience has launched AquapHOx – a revolutionary optical sensor technology for monitoring critical parameters and their dynamics in open ocean, the deep sea and in various coastal ecosystems. This highly flexible and easy-to-operate underwater sensor platform allows to measure O2, pH and temperature down to 4000m. The available sensor portfolio offers unmatched flexibility for multiple applications with the same AquapHOx read-out device, including:

– the most sensitive trace O2 measurements in oxygen minimum zones or de-oxygenation events
– sensitive measurements of ocean pH on the total scale even under harsh deep-sea conditions with neglectable impact of salinity,
– ultra-fast oxygen measurements during profiling and for Eddy covariance measurements,
– contactless read-out of incubations chambers with integrated sensor spots for oxygen, pH and temperature for in situ studies and
– profiling over surface structures, in sediments and along gradients with minimal-invasive micro- and minisensors at high spatial.

This new AquapHOx technology is available as underwater long-term loggers for long expeditions and monitoring approaches or as real-time data transmitters for ultra-fast water column profiling or eddy covariance measurements (combined with PyroScience´s high-speed sensors). The deep-sea multi-analyte devices feature a titanium housing for deployment down to 4,000 m depth and one optical channel compatible to various formats of optical O2, pH, and temperature sensors.

Simply exchange the sensor head, choose between different analytes (pH, O2 or T) and sensor formats and deploy the all-in-one logger or transmitter down to 4000m water depth.


Key Market Sectors

– Researchers (coastal ecosystems: mangroves, mudflats, kelp forests, seagrass meadows, salt marshes, intertidal zone, oyster & coral reefs)
– Oceanographers (open ocean, water column analyses)
– Deep Sea researchers (hot vents, smokers, fauna, biogeochemists)
– Researchers investigating climate change
– Fish biologist
– Aquaculture
– marine R&D market: ocean mapping, surveying and seawater analyses used during underwater explorations
– environmental monitoring


PyroScience Background

PyroScience GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical pH, oxygen, and temperature sensor technology for industrial and scientific applications. PyroScience was founded in 2011, has headquarters in Germany and a subsidiary in Austria. All instruments and sensor heads are developed, designed and produced in-house. The application areas of our plug-and-play solutions range from deep-sea research over various laboratory applications to space exploration. PyroScience also offers smart OEM solutions and is renowned as a strong OEM partner for industrial customers.


Our Mission

Ahead with innovative solutions and technology, PyroScience focuses on customer demands with sensor systems for their needs, fair prices, regular improvements and further development, good service, low-threshold solution and expert customer support.

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