X-factor yields bumper crops

18 May 2023


Sugarcane farmers in North and South America, Africa and Australia participated in the customer experience study.

Sugarcane growers involved in an international study, have reported a 70 percent increase in yield leading to significant increases in profits thanks to its precision irrigation technology by CropX.

Sugarcane is a delicate crop that is highly sensitive to both under and over-watering. Additionally, nitrogen management is crucial for good growth, but it can cause problems if it leaches and builds up in the soil. This is where CropX’s nutrition and salinity monitoring tools come to the fore, as they provide sugarcane farmers with important management information.

Participants in the study reported that the CropX system’s precision irrigation management helped them avoid both water stress and excess moisture, which can damage cane roots, reduce yield and quality, and cause nutrient deficiencies.

Furthermore, CropX’s nitrogen and salinity monitoring tools helped growers avoid yield losses due to salinity stress and to maximise the quality of their crops.

HydroTerra can assist farmers in adopting such technology to enhance their sugarcane farming practices and avoid common pitfalls associated with the crop. Find out more information below.

CropX System