Behind the scenes of HydroTerra’s Rental Workshop

18 May 2023


Intern Sebastian Zamora calibrating some equipment

The HydroTerra Rental Workshop may sound like a tinkering, relaxed sort of environment, but the daily reality is far from it. While each day’s activities can vary greatly, the action-packed, fast pace never stops, as our recently appointed interns Erin Joy and Sebastian Zamora are finding out.

Here’s a day in the life of the HydroTerra Rental Workshop as seen through their eyes:

“How we spend our days usually depends on the number of orders we receive, and how much cleaning needs to be completed. The Rental workshop is a really dynamic environment, but that’s what makes it interesting,” says Erin.

First up: Arriving & preparing

The day begins at 8:30am when everyone starts trickling in. Dominique has the day’s orders printed out for us, ready to prepare. Every Monday, there is the company-wide meeting in which updates are given, monthly targets are discussed, and any outstanding issues are addressed. Once the meeting concludes, the day’s work begins in earnest. It is time to start packing the days orders.

Morning maintenance: Getting things done

One of the key tasks that occupies much of our day is the maintenance of all returned equipment. Usually, this involves cleaning the separate parts, putting them back together, and double-checking that everything is still in working order. Once all the equipment has been given clearance, it goes back onto the shelf, ready to be packed for the next order. Every process is outlined in a Standard Operating Procedure, so we have to be precise with everything we do.

Seb working on the website

The second major task is repairing or replacing anything that is broken. We troubleshoot and replace what we can, however, Ryan (one of our instrument technicians) often has to come to the rescue!

Afternoons: Deliveries & double-checking

Afternoons are mostly filled with making deliveries, talking to customers and fulfilling urgent orders. If we have a spare moment, we always have an update to do on the HydroTerra website to keep it current, or we finish cleaning the returns. “The Rentals Workshop is definitely a great place to start as an intern,” says Seb. “The team is really fun, the work is engaging and fast-paced and we’re learning heaps about the equipment, and also the importance of systems and double-checking everything!”

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