Eight reasons to upgrade to telemetry

14 September 2023


Telemetry is becoming an increasingly viable and popular method of data collection in environmental monitoring applications. With advances in communication technologies, such as Low Earth Orbit satellites (LEO), geo-stationary satellites (GEO) and cellular networks, comes a range of exciting new possibilities. HydroTerra is at the forefront of this revolution by offering advanced telemetry systems that can easily be integrated with existing or new sensors.

Here is a list of eight reasons why you should consider upgrading your existing sensors to telemetry.

  1. Remote data collection: Telemetry enables the remote collection of critical environmental data, allowing scientists and researchers to monitor various parameters without physical presence at the monitoring site.
  2. Real-time monitoring: Telemetry systems provide real-time data updates, enabling prompt responses to environmental changes, such as pollution events or extreme weather conditions.
  3. Cost-efficiency: Telemetry reduces the need for frequent on-site visits, saving both time and resources by automating data collection and transmission.
  4. Enhanced accuracy: Continuous data collection through telemetry improves data accuracy compared to manual or sporadic measurements, reducing the risk of data gaps or human errors.
  5. Early warning systems: Telemetry can be used to establish early warning systems for natural disasters like floods, forest fires, and earthquakes, helping to protect communities and ecosystems.
  6. Long-term trend analysis: Telemetry allows for the collection of data over extended periods, facilitating the analysis of long-term environmental trends and changes.
  7. Remote and inaccessible locations: Telemetry is particularly valuable in monitoring environments that are difficult to access, such as deep-sea ecosystems, remote forests, or hazardous areas.
  8. Resource management: Telemetry supports sustainable resource management by providing data on water level, water quality, soil conditions, and air pollution levels, aiding in informed decision-making.

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