Enviro Services News

19 February 2022


Installation of groundwater monitoring wells

Client Request: Install Groundwater Monitoring Wells

Location: Point Lonsdale

Solution: HydroTerra is providing assistance in navigating what can appear a complex and time-consuming process. This includes obtaining a Bore Construction Licence, determining the presence of underground services, engaging a qualified driller and supervising the drilling works. HydroTerra’s team comprises hydrogeologists and geologists who are providing guidance and delivery support.

Useful technology for: Construction, Mining and Landfill sectors

Groundwater Compliance Monitoring

Client Request: Undertake routine groundwater compliance monitoring

Location: Australia-wide

Solution: HydroTerra offers a team of low-cost trained field resources that can deliver routine groundwater compliance monitoring programs. HydroTerra is able to use its extensive fleet of groundwater monitoring rental equipment, work to regulatory standards and best practice guidelines, and delivery fit for purpose report that our clients can use with confidence. HydroTerra is also able to utilise its strong relationships and bulk buying power to obtain competitive laboratory analysis rates.

Useful technology for: Mining, Wastewater, Landfill and Natural Resource Management sectors

Integrated Groundwater Monitoring Systems

Client Request: Provide integrated groundwater monitoring system

Location: Australia-wide

Solution: Whether it’s a greenfield development or existing infrastructure is in place, HydroTerra can develop an integrated solution to enable our clients to obtain near real-time access to groundwater monitoring data. HydroTerra recently worked on a project to capture groundwater and flow metering data from a landfill which was integrated back to the clients SCADA system. This involved the supply of a groundwater monitoring sensor, local data management logger, which was integrated with an existing MagFlow sensor, and cabled back to existing SCADA network.

Useful technology for: Mining, Landfill and Infrastructure sectors