Focus on carbon farming

21 September 2022


HydroTerra has been in the thick of discussions on carbon farming in recent weeks with representation at a Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) information day and with our recent webinar titled “Soil carbon farming – measurement, modelling and error”.

At the start of September, the Mornington Peninsula branch of the VFF ran an information day to help promote how creating local carbon credits can assist the Peninsula move towards a lower carbon footprint, while creating healthy soils and greater drought resilience. HydroTerra’s Richard Campbell talked about local and remote data collection for farm performance insights. He also spoke about how The Mulloon Institute is using data collection to understand the impacts of landscape repair at scale.

On Friday 16 September, Philip Mulvey, Founder, Carbon Count and Environmental Earth Sciences International, joined in the HydroTerra Webinar Series to present on the current progress and challenges associated with carbon soil farming. If you missed this extremely popular and insightful webinar, it is available for viewing here.

It is clear soil carbon, and the technology required to consistently measure it, is an ongoing and valued discussion. HydroTerra will remain interested and engaged in this topic as it progresses. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more from HydroTerra, or join the discussion with us, please contact us at

Graphic courtesy of Philip Mulvey and Carbon Count

The VFF carbon farming information day