System design for operational and compliance reporting

18 May 2022


HydroTerra has a strong niche in landfill monitoring. Our experience with monitoring technologies and their ability to inform compliance and operational reporting in this industry is second-to-none.

We also offer a unique consultancy service focussed on the design of monitoring systems especially for landfills. This service maps compliance and operational monitoring needs (performance indicators) to measurement methods that incorporate technology, appropriate standards and units of measurement (parameters). Sound straight forward? Not really!

When you consider the need to illustrate data provenance and convert direct measurements into virtual variables that match a facility’s KPIs, you quickly realise the high level of skill and experience required for “bespoke monitoring system design”.

If you have an operating landfill and want to learn about aligning your monitoring against operational and compliance needs, we would love to share our methodology and insights with you. A conversation is usually the best way to explain the intricacies of this service so please give us a call on (03) 8683 0091.