Webinar tomorrow! Exploring guideline changes in Acid Sulfate soil management

21 March 2024


We are excited to be welcoming Sue-Ellen Dear and Kristie Williams from the Queensland Department of Resources.

The lead authors of the Queensland Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) Management Guidelines (which were released in December 2023), Sue-Ellen and Kristie will be speaking to us about the key changes in the guidelines. They will also be clarifying what is expected when managing ASS in Queensland. Sue-Ellen and Kristie wrote the first version of the ASS management guidelines back in 2002, and the second version in 2014. This latest version of the guidelines ensures greater consistency with the 2018 National Guidance Material for ASS.

What will the key learnings be?

• What is required when managing ASS.
• Technical advice on how to minimize potential environmental harm resulting from the disturbance of ASS.
• Updates in verification testing, self-neutralising soils, acidic soils, and neautralisation of ASS.

Please join us on March 22nd at 12:30pm. Register via the link below. If you are not able to make the webinar, a recording will be posted to our YouTube channel and to our website the following Monday for viewing.

Register here