HydroTerra’s Stygo 3, assembled and ready for shipping

25 January 2024


It is fantastic to see all our hard work assembled and ready to be sent to our client.

Here we have 50 of our Stygo 3 product, assembled and ready to be packed for shipping and deployment to one of our mining clients in South Australia.

They have been configured with a combined groundwater level, conductivity and temperature sensor. Due to challenging groundwater water quality conditions, high quality Seametrics Titanium CT2X sensors were selected.

The Stygo 3 is a Groundwater Satellite Solar IoT Sensor Hub. Connectivity is provided via SWARM Spaces constellation of 120 satellites that has an average latency of less than 30 minutes and provides the largest low-cost data plans available – 144kB to 576kB/month.

Take a look at the Stygo 3 on our website, or contact our sales team via email info@hydroterra.com.au

HydroTerra - Stygo 3