Koala saved in lucky cave rescue

24 November 2022


A wild koala, that was found debilitated and isolated in a cave following the extensive rainfall this month, has been rescued by wildlife carers and rehabilitated by veterinarians at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

The adult male koala was first seen by a member of the public who was kayaking alongside a large cliff face on the Glenelg River, located on the border of Victoria and South Australia. Local wildlife carers were notified and kayaked to the cave to rescue the stranded koala. It was then promptly transported to Werribee Open Range Zoo for urgent medical treatment.

Werribee Open Range Zoo Senior Veterinarian Dr Natalie Rourke said: “The koala was quickly becoming weak from starvation because he had no access to his daily eucalyptus diet while trapped in the cave. Koalas are not natural swimmers, so without intervention, it could have drowned attempting to exit the cave to find food.”

After five days rehabilitating in one of Werribee Open Range Zoo’s RSPCA Koala Ward rehabilitation pens, the koala was released back into the wild.

Watch this short video called “Zoos Victoria & Blessings of the Bush Koala Shelter and Rescue”.

Article courtesy of Zoos Victoria